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Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

Carpet One Port Dover is more than your local flooring retailer. We also offer home design services and carry cabinet options for your kitchen or bathroom. Cabinets are the blueprint for any kitchen or bathroom and provide superior storage. We have cabinets that are simply functional and ones that are more on the stylish side. The base of a cabinet does not vary by much, but cabinet doors range in styles, colors, and even materials. Even cabinet hardwood comes in a variety of styles and metal options. We carry popular name brand cabinet options including Abbey Hill and all of our cabinetry work is done in-house from design to installation.



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What are the Different Types of Cabinets


Base cabinets are the blueprint of your kitchen and bathroom, and take the brunt of holding up your countertops and sinks. They are mounted to the floor and support your countertops and everything else that is on top. Most kitchen islands are made of base cabinets that are combined and installed on site.


Wall cabinets got their name because they are mounted to the wall. The design flexibility is almost endless, you can choose different heights, custom depth, multiple widths, and different door options, and really the possibilities are endless. You can combine base and wall cabinets to make an accent wall that stores cookware and cookbooks or whatever else you’d need.


Tall cabinets go from your floor to ceiling. Tall cabinets are also sometimes called a pantry and can provide as much as 4 cubic feet or even more for storage. From small to big appliances, a pantry can store a lot. You can even turn a pantry into a tall utility cabinet to fit large appliances.


Your Local Experts


Stop by our showroom to learn more about the 2020 Design Program which can help bring your vision for your upcoming design project to life virtually!


As your local cabinet experts, we are here to help you from design to installation. Our experts can help you choose a style that suits your personality and home décor. We always take time, budget, and space into consideration when helping you build your perfect cabinets.