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We make finding beautiful flooring easy at Carpet One Port Dover. Hardwood remains a timeless choice for many homeowners. It not only looks amazing, but can improve your property value. Hardwood is also hypoallergenic, relatively easy to clean, and it’s often designed to last for decades and beyond. That means hardwood is a long-term investment that can truly bring style and performance to your home. To learn more, visit our showroom in Port Dover, Ontario, or shop our hardwood selection online now!


Hardwood Styles


There are many different ways that hardwood companies style their wood floor panels. To begin with, you’ll find different plank sizes, such as extra wide and long planks. You’ll also find options with bevelled edges and different tones and colours from plank to plank. Next, there are a huge array of wood species available, from natural oak to hickory, maple, mahogany, walnut, and birch. These each have specific hardness levels, colours, grain patterns, and other characteristics. Lastly, you can choose between unfinished or prefinished hardwood, and what stain and shine level you want your finish to be.


Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood


There are two different hardwood plank constructions to choose from: engineered and solid. Solid wood planks have a simple design and are made using premium hardwood throughout. They are usually about ¾ inch thick and can be refinished many times over the decades to eliminate scratches and blemishes. Engineered hardwood planks are made with multiple layers of wood that are laminated together. This construction gives your wood planks more structural stability and allows them to handle humidity and foot traffic better. Oftentimes, you can’t refinish engineered hardwood more than once or twice. However, there are higher quality engineered planks available that have longer lifespans. With our seasonal changes in humidity, we often recommend engineered hardwood floors because they’re less likely to warp and experience problems. You should also consider engineered wood if you want a wider hardwood plank, anything over 4 ¼’’ wide, as it’s more stable.


Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


We offer a comprehensive selection of beautiful hardwood floors. Our flooring specialists are always available to help you with any of your flooring needs. Our brands include Superior Harwood, which comes in solid and engineered planks and features local wood from Southern Ontario. We also carry engineered planks from LM Flooring, formerly known as Laurentian. Additionally, we have Twelve Oaks, which is one of the largest hardwood flooring distributors in Canada. Their products are built with the Canadian home in mind and some of the engineered planks they offer can even be installed with heated flooring systems. They also have click-lock engineered planks that are perfect for a DIY-er. But no worries if you’re not inclined to do your own installation, we’re happy to provide premium hardwood installation services.




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